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Mother Puffer

My Role:
Services Rendered:
Brand Research, Product Design
Tools Used:
Adobe Suite, Prototyping
Project Overview:

Poler Stuff asked our team to look for and fill potential gaps in their product lineup by first identifying their customer base, and then designing to their needs.

Site Design

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Understanding Poler

Poler's Values

Poler believes in "embracing the things that people actually use." Life is a spontaneous and unpredictable adventure. They value the things that enable a free, fun lifestyle for everybody, with a little bit of craziness thrown in. "As much as anything, it's about traveling the world and couch surfing along the way."

The "Mother Puffer"

The "Mother Puffer" is a one-person sleeping bag with a built in self-inflating sleeping pad that accommodates the spontaneous sleeping arrangements of the five-hour adventurer. Because the five-hour adventurer's lifestyle dictates a series of spontaneous, short camp-outs and sleep"wherevers", the bag is comfortably padded, 3-season rated, light, durable, Poler Brand stylish, and simple to use whether tent camping, car camping, or sleeping under the stars.